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Receiving Fees:
·   Receiving parcels and packages from anywhere: $4.00 per package
·   Tires are $4.00 each, including when bundled
·   Pallets of material: $20.00 per pallet
·   Mail receiving: $6.00 per month
    (we bundle all your mail monthly if holding longer than 30 days)               

Holding Fees:
·   Package holding: $4.00 per week after 1st week free period.
·   Pallet holding: $20.00 per month after initial 3 day free period
·   Bundled mail holding: $6.00 per month

Disposal Fees:
·   Recycling: If we can use your box for something else, disposal is free
·   Cardboard boxes: $1.00 each
·  Pallets: $10 each                

How to Pay?
You can pay by cash or credit card: Canadian funds accepted.
Ship to anywhere by UPS, Fedex or USPS.

Vehicle Storage: If you are exporting a vehicle to Canada/importing a vehicle from the USA; we offer vehicle storage on our well lit lot (with video surveillance): $8.00 per day.

Buy from stores who don't ship to Canada
Buy products from eBay, Zappos, Newegg, Kohl's, Walgreen, Altamont Apparel, Textbooks.com, Calypso St. Barth, Obey Clothing, zZounds and many other retailers who don't ship to Canada: give them your address at the Oburg Shipping Center. (sign up for an address).

·   How to receive packages that you will pickup.
·   How to have packages forwarded to Canadian addresses.
·   Frequent user? Sign up for our annual receiving rate
We offer shipping by the following carriers:
·     UPS
·     Fedex
·     USPS
·     DHL
·     TNT
·     Most freight carriers
·   Package, Parcel & Freight Receiving  /  Sending  /  Forwarding
·   Fulfillment Service - we ship your products to your customers
·   Full trans-border services, including brokerage
·   Warehouse services
·   Full cross-dock service
·   Ship via UPS / FEDEX / USPS / all major fright carriers
·   Mini-offices available
What our customers are saying
"they handle our warehousing and US customer shipping so we can concentrate on doing what we do best"
AB Technology Group, Bath, ON

"we pick up our incoming shipments weekly, saving us lots of money"  Advanced Homes, Bourget ON

"I regularly buy products from US stores that will not ship to Canada; and save money even after the forwarding costs are added"  Bob McBain, Ottawa ON

"I order on-line and then just drive to Ogdensburg to pick it up - while I'm shopping there anyway"  Michelle Farmer, Ottawa ON

"thanks for the excellent service"  Martin Lax, Ottawa ON